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The Cummins IK2564F4 is an in-frame overhaul kit designed to provide everything you need to complete a comprehensive rebuild of your Cummins engine. Whether you’re dealing with wear and tear or experiencing performance issues, this kit is the perfect solution to get your engine running like new again.

This in-frame overhaul kit includes all the essential components necessary for a complete engine overhaul. It includes cylinder liners, pistons, piston rings, main bearings, rod bearings, thrust washers, and a complete gasket set. Each component is made with precision and to OEM specifications, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance.

The cylinder liners are constructed from high-quality cast iron, providing maximum durability and resistance to heat and wear. The pistons are designed with precision machining techniques to ensure proper clearance and optimal performance. The piston rings are made from high-strength materials for exceptional sealing and longevity.

The main bearings and rod bearings in the kit are made from premium-grade materials, ensuring smooth operation and minimal friction. The thrust washers are also included to prevent axial movement and provide stability during engine operation.

Additionally, the in-frame overhaul kit comes with a complete gasket set, encompassing all the necessary seals and gaskets needed for a proper engine rebuild. These gaskets are made with high-quality materials to ensure optimal sealing and leak prevention, allowing for reliable and efficient engine performance.

Overall, the Cummins IK2564F4 in-frame overhaul kit offers a comprehensive solution for those needing to perform a full engine rebuild on their Cummins engine. Each component is manufactured with precision and to OEM specifications, ensuring a hassle-free installation and reliable performance. With this kit, you can have confidence that your engine will be restored to optimal condition, providing enhanced power, efficiency, and longevity.


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