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The INTERNATIONAL IK264 is an in-frame overhaul kit designed for a variety of International engines. This spare part is an essential component for ensuring the proper functioning and longevity of International engines.

Built with high-quality materials and precision engineering, the IK264 is specifically engineered to meet the demanding requirements of International engines in need of an in-frame overhaul. It includes all the necessary parts and components required to restore the engine to its original condition, making it a vital spare part for those looking to enhance the performance and lifespan of their International engines.

The IK264 in-frame overhaul kit consists of various components such as piston rings, main and rod bearings, cylinder liners, and gaskets. Each component is chosen for its durability and reliability, ensuring that the engine can operate smoothly and efficiently for an extended period. These parts are designed to fit perfectly within the International engine, eliminating the guesswork and potential issues that may arise from using incompatible parts.

The International IK264 in-frame overhaul kit offers a comprehensive solution for the restoration of International engines, providing all the necessary parts for a seamless and efficient overhaul process. By replacing these components, the engine can benefit from improved compression, reduced oil consumption, and better overall performance.

Whether it’s a truck, tractor, or any other vehicle equipped with an International engine, the IK264 is a reliable and high-quality spare part designed to optimize the engine’s performance and extend its service life. Through the use of this in-frame overhaul kit, operators can save both time and money by ensuring the engine’s reliability without the need for a complete rebuild.

In conclusion, the INTERNATIONAL IK264 in-frame overhaul kit is an essential spare part for International engines, offering a comprehensive solution for restoring engine performance and longevity. With its high-quality components, this spare part guarantees smooth operation, reduced maintenance costs, and improved overall efficiency for International engine owners.


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