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The International IK516 is an essential spare part used in the maintenance and repair of heavy-duty diesel engines. Specifically, it is an In-Frame Overhaul Kit that is designed to provide all the necessary components to perform a comprehensive overhaul of the engine’s major internal components.

In-frame overhauls are a common maintenance procedure required for diesel engines that have accumulated a significant number of operating hours or miles. This procedure involves disassembling the engine down to its crankshaft, while leaving the engine block and cylinder heads in place. By doing so, it allows for a more efficient and cost-effective overhaul process.

The International IK516 In-Frame Overhaul Kit includes an array of high-quality components that are designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. These components typically include items such as piston rings, main bearings, rod bearings, thrust washers, gaskets, seals, and other essential hardware. Each component is meticulously engineered and manufactured to ensure optimal performance, durability, and reliability.

With the International IK516 In-Frame Overhaul Kit, engine rebuilders and technicians can confidently restore the engine’s performance and maximize its lifespan. By replacing worn or damaged internal components, the kit helps improve power, fuel efficiency, and overall engine efficiency. Moreover, the parts are designed to fit perfectly into the engine block and cylinder heads, making the rebuild process more streamlined and less time-consuming.

In addition to the high-quality components, the International IK516 In-Frame Overhaul Kit often includes detailed instructions and specifications to guide technicians through the rebuild process. These resources help ensure that the overhaul is performed correctly, minimizing the risk of complications or further engine damage.

Overall, the International IK516 In-Frame Overhaul Kit is an essential spare part for diesel engines with high mileage or operating hours. It provides all the necessary components and resources needed to perform a comprehensive engine overhaul, restoring the engine’s performance and prolonging its lifespan. With its superior quality, reliability, and ease of use, the International IK516 In-Frame Overhaul Kit is a trusted choice for engine rebuilders and technicians across the globe.


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